Bali Surf Spots

Hourly Package per hour Rp. 91,000

Bukit Peninsula has been a popular destination for surfers since the early 1970s. It is one of Southeast Asia’s best surfing beaches and is considered among the top ten surfing spots in the world.

Experienced surfers report that Bali surf is superior to any along the US West Coast. The most favorable tides come in during the full and new lunar phases.

Go early in the morning to catch the best waves. A good time to surf is in the dry season from April to October, when the water temperature is in the 70s F. October to April brings the least favorable conditions; it is the rainy season, when the water temperature is in the 80s F and strong winds blow. July and August are the best times to surf, when the swells are most consistent.

Some of the best beaches for surfing:

  1. Balangan [left-handers]
    This spot is well off the main roads but is a beautiful, white-sand surfing beach. Be sure to walk up to Look-out Point for a grand panorama over Bukit and the airport.

  2. Bingin [hollow left-handers]
    A great place for surfing. Medium to low tides bring the best surf.

  3. Padang Padang
    This is a nice place for surfing and the beach is also quite nice.

  4. Suluban [the best left-handers]
    Also known as Ulu, this may be the island’s most famous and most crowded surfing spot, with straight-line swells sometimes reaching eight meters in height.

  5. Kuta [left-handers]
    This beach might remind you of Baywatch. Lifeguards patrol during daylight hours only.

  6. Sanur
    The break in the front of the Grand Bali Beach Hotel offers fast, good-size rides, but only about 25 days a year. When the conditions are right, you’ll find a hollow right break of four or five meters. Beware the strong current.

  7. Lembongan
    A big attraction for the serious surfer. Three of the most deadly breaks in the world can be found here. This beach is on the west side of the island and is not crowded with surfers.
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